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Cement flexural and compression testing machine HZ-008A
Hydraulic System:The hydraulic oil tank driven by high-pressure pump into the motor oil, flows throughtheunidirectionalvalve, highpressurefilter, pressurevalve, servovalve, intothecylinder. Computer control signals to the servo valve, Contr
Tel:+86 13711888650
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Hydraulic System :The hydraulic oil tank driven by high-pressure pump into the motor oil, flows through the unidirectional valve, high pressure filter, pressure valve, servo valve, into the cylinder. Computer control signals to the servo valve, Control direction and opening of the servo valve , to control the flow into the cylinder, achieve constant test force control.

Control system:System including digital servo valve, high-precision sensors, controllers and software,high control precision and reliability.Meet GB, ISO, ASTM and other standards for cement, mortar,concrete and other materials testing requirements.System has the following functions:Closed-loop control with force;Can achieved constant loading rate or constant stress loading rate;Adopt computer for electronic measurement, automatic test;Computer automatically calculates the results and print reports.Test reports can be to self-design and exported to Excel;Safety protection device:When the test force more than 3% of the maximum test force, the overload protection, oil pump motor shut down.

Max load KN300-2000kN Compressive Test Machine
Hydraulic pump rated pressure25MPa
Loading rate0.3KN/S~10KN/S
Error loading speed±5%
Pump rated flow1.52L/min
Upper and lower bearing plate sizeφ155mm
Maximum distance between the upper and lower plate260mm
Piston diameterφ130mm