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The reason for the sudden shutdown of the tensile machine


The tension machine motor cannot work due to not rotating. Solution: Check if there is a problem with the power supply or motor of the metal material testing machine. The screw is stuck, solution: check if the nut is loose; Is the screw deformed or not. There is a problem with the transmission system of the tension machine motor and lead screw.

Solution: If the sprocket drives, there may be slipping or chain damage; If there is a worm gear transmission, it may be worn out.

During the user's experiment, the metal material formed by not paying attention to hygiene. There were iron filings between the lead screw and the large nut of the testing machine, which squeezed the large nut. If the crossbeam did not work properly, it was necessary to stop leveling and peel off the crossbeam of the testing machine in order to work. The instrument switch was damaged, causing the machine to not operate properly.

Check if the power supply of the tension machine is functioning properly. If not, check if the power supply has been burned out. In short, if the tensile machine suddenly stops and goes on strike, there must be a malfunction in some part. Therefore, we need to regularly inspect and maintain it to avoid unnecessary trouble, and we can easily conduct experiments.