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How to use a tensile testing machine and what are its applications


In most fields such as the mechanical industry, electronic products, and automobiles, the application of tensile machines is also very extensive. It is mainly used for physical performance testing of metal and non-metallic materials such as tension, compression, bending, and shearing. In addition, the tensile machine is equipped with a variety of attachments and can also be used for physical performance testing of materials and products. In the field of testing materials such as rope, tape, wire, rubber, plastic, etc. with large sample deformation and faster testing speed, they also have a very broad application prospect. It is more suitable for testing fields such as quality inspection, teaching research, aerospace, steel metallurgy, automobiles, construction materials, etc.

The tensile testing machine is widely used in experiments to find the correlation between raw material force and deformation. It can conduct mechanical experiments and analyses on metallic and non-metallic materials, such as stretching, shrinking, and bending.

As one of the most commonly used testing instruments in factories, industries, and laboratories, the production of every product is inseparable from the testing and inspection of the product, such as the production of wire rods, data analysis of their toughness and metal hardness, and tensile testing of line segments and endpoints.

Some people may ask, do non-metals need to undergo tensile testing?

of course!! Tensile testing is required for materials such as rubber, plastic, film, textiles, fibers, polymer materials, composite materials, safety belts, tape, alloy materials, and other non-metallic materials;

The relevant tensile tests can ensure that all buttons, buttons, and fasteners on the manufactured product pass the testing work of the relevant strength testing instruments smoothly, efficiently, and stably. It is an important promotion and creation in the tensile testing machine industry, so the tensile testing machine is indispensable in the structural mechanics industry.

Similarly, with the progress of society and the continuous development of various industries, we are more cautious in controlling product quality and have stricter requirements for product testing.

And Ligao testing equipment is also committed to producing high-quality tensile machines, allowing every company to have an efficient and accurate testing experience when using our tensile machines.

So do you know what a tensile machine looks like?

How should we choose a tensile testing machine?

How to use a tensile testing machine and what are the applications of tensile testing machines?

The tensile testing machine is divided into computer-based and microcomputer LCD display.

The characteristics of the tensile machine:

(1) Adopting the Windows operating platform, all main parameter settings are processed in a window manner, making the operation simple; Multiple sets of test reports can be compared.

(2) Chinese and English display, convenient switching;

(3) Can independently plan the overall testing table mode; The test report can be directly displayed in the main screen;

(4) Having multiple measurement units; Equipped with automatic return function;

(5) Equipped with automatic magnification function;

(6) Equipped with customized testing methods and data operation analysis functions;

(7) Can perform tensile, bending, compressive, fatigue and other tests.

(8) Automatically generate test reports, A4 test reports (Word, PDF documents can be edited at will)