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We provide exceptional personalized support and a partnership that puts you first. We are ready with services, tools, and trained staff to work with you on your objectives:

Regular Calibration of testing instruments

Preventative maintenance to extend the life of your investment

• Reducing the cost of ownership

• Minimizing downtime

• Developing user skills

• Streamlining testing processes

With over 300 field service professionals in every major market, we are regionally close to you and ready to help.

Maintaining data accuracy, integrity, and traceability

Instron provides calibrations of the highest quality, offering a wide variety of factory and on-site calibration services. As a global provider, Instron has factory-trained engineers providing calibration services in Europe, the Americas, and throughout Asia. All calibrations are traceable to the International System of Units (SI) through a local National Metrological Institute (NMI).

Additionally, our calibration laboratories are ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories that have demonstrated the competence, impartiality, and performance capability required to provide our customers with a high level of confidence in the results from your materials testing system.

Accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP), Instron can provide factory and field calibration to our customers in almost every country of the world. 


Preventative maintenance helps you get the most out of your test system, and combining preventative maintenance with calibration services is the most convenient and economical way for you to meet ISO 9001, ASTM E4, and ASTM E83 compliance requirements.

Instron's engineers have access to the documentation, factory-specified parts, and tools required to maintain your equipment at its peak performance. Each visit includes a pre-defined set of maintenance activities designed to minimize system downtime, maximize performance, and extend the life of your testing system. Contact Instron Professional Services now to discuss how to protect your Instron.

Supporting technical needs and providing security for the future

Instron technical support engineers are available around the globe to troubleshoot challenges you may encounter during testing. Technical support contract holders are provided priority response to ensure the fastest answers to their questions. For your convenience, we provide technical support via phone, email, or remotely through online diagnostic assistant tools.

Our training curriculum offers a wide assortment of courses designed to meet the training needs of system operators and test method developers, whether they be novice or expert users. Our engaging instructors help you learn best practices and will teach you how to utilize your system safely and to its full potential. For your convenience, courses are offered at Instron Training Centers, regional sites around the world, online via our eLearning network, or at your own facility.

Industry Leading Remote Technical Support

Instron Connect is a premier service platform that provides users with faster and simpler technical support. By utilizing secure screen sharing and the integrated augmented reality (AR) tool, operators can observe support engineers troubleshooting in real-time. The cloud-based technology allows Instron Support to easily locate your equipment records, assess the problem, and offer a solution with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Instron Connect also allows you to effortlessly upload data files with support tickets and download software updates all within the platform. And with integrated calibration reminders, you’ll be able to keep your testing system up to date and ready for any upcoming quality and regulatory audits.

Keeping your systems running and data flowing

No matter where you are in the world, our trained field service engineers are available to travel to your site and repair your system. To minimize costs and downtime, these services can be purchased as part of a standard or enhanced service agreement, or purchased on an as-needed basis.

We can also repair and refurbish your system in one of our global factories. Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians have years of experience with your equipment and can provide refurbishments for products ranging from transducers to actuators.

For ultimate protection, extended warranties can be purchased for most systems currently in production.


As new technologies become available, your testing instrument can be improved to keep pace with continually-increasing testing and industry demands. Instron's well-defined Product Life Cycle Phases can help you evaluate your system's supportability status and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective path forward.

Regardless of your system's phase status in our Product Life Cycle, if it is operational, Instron can calibrate it. However, if your goal is to unlock the full potential of your testing investment, our Product Life Cycle is designed to help you navigate the process of software updates and upgrades, system retrofits, all the way up to full system replacement.

Find your Instron systems status in the Product Life Cycle.

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